Is there an options advisory service that provides the greatest number of winning trade signals?

Browse through the comparison tables below and see which option advisories answer the question

Before proceeding farther into this webpage we would like to be clear on some points about our options trading strategy. We are long-term investors using options as our investment instrument for safe, high returns in the stock market. Our ultimate goal is preservation of capital and steady income from trading options. We aim to achieve this goal by steadily completing more winning trades than losers. We are proud to say we have been quite successful.

We are not a service that will provide fast and high returns for little investments as many expect from trading options. That strategy produces more losing trades than winners. In short, we don’t give out signals on buying long calls and long puts for short turn-around times and quick profits (losses in most cases). Our trading system involves holding options positions usually for several weeks at a time.

The tables below were taken from the article “What Is the Best Options Trading Advisory Service?” These were compiled and put together by the writer of the article who is himself an independent options trader. He actually subscribed to each of the advisory services listed and did his own actual trades using each advisory’s trading signals.

Not satisfied with his first assessment of the various picking services he went on to do a second trading analysis using a different time period. He listed mostly the same advisory groups in his second work with the addition of a few others.

As you may have already found out there are dozens of option picking services, aka, advisory services, out there. But few, very few, deliver on their claims. Those listed in the tables are the few that the writer selected to subscribe to and follow their trades.

The numbers in the tables are quite revealing.



Option PickersTradesWins
Dates TradedPeriod
Masters"O" 1376-$899.2753.8%Mar-Sep 20177 mos 532726$5,385.3650.9%Mar-Sep 20177 mos 301317-$1,679.2243.3%Mar-Sep 20177 mos 422220-$1,686.5052.4%Mar-Sep 20177 mos
Steady 622834$675.0045.2%Mar-Sep 20177 mos 1138-$1,569.7227.3%Mar-Sep 20177 mos
MT 491732-$6,737.8334.7%Mar-Sep 20177 mos 311516-$1,373.1548.4%Mar-Sep 20177 mos 19613-$155.2731.6%Mar-Sep 20177 mos 352312$5,256.9865.7%
10 mos


Option PickersTradesWins
Dates TradedPeriod 432320$4,584.9253.5%Apr - Oct 20186 mos 321616$1,231.6050.0%Apr - Oct 20186 mos
MT 643430$778.6953.1%Apr - Oct 20186 mos 844-$31.7350.0%Apr - Oct 20186 mos
Options Money 221111-$86.4350.0%Apr - Oct 20186 mos 1055$1,941.6550.0%Apr - Oct 20186 mos 513318$7,216.0064.7%Apr - Oct 20186 mos

Of those listed in the tables, only two advisories have proven true to their claims of being “consistent winners”, OptionAlarm and us, OptionEarnings. In the first table, OptionEarnings was late in entering the list because the author did not discover us until mid-2017.

In the article “What Is the Best Options Trading Advisory Service?” the writer states that his results may differ from the pickers’ claims and he mentions the reasons for this.

Our Mission

To educate options investors/traders how to use the strategy of selling options as a means of steadily and consistently increasing capital and generating a continuous flow of cash income. We hope to accomplish this mission by allowing our members-subscribers to look over our shoulder as we make our own trades online. Our objective is to show stock investors that owning stocks alone is not the best way to invest in the stock market. While stock investing has shown that it can provide one of the best long-term investment media, options investing can be an even better alternative to just plain stock investing. Need proof? See the article  “How Options Can Provide Higher Investment Returns Than Stocks”. The article tells of a true experience of the author who was challenged to prove that trading options can produce better returns than just investing in stocks. A very interesting read.


About Us

Our experience in trading stock options spans nearly thirty years. In those thirty years of options trading, we’ve used practically every options trading strategy in the book. We have come to the conclusion that the most consistently profitable strategy is the selling of options. Ever since, our own actual trading activities have centered on this system. And this is the system that we offer to our subscribers.

No, we are not a picking service. We are more of an educational website where we show subscribers how we use the strategy of selling options as a means of completing more winning trades than losing trades.

We do this not so much by picking the right stock options but more by following a strict management system where trade positions are carefully monitored and adjustments made whenever necessary.

Convinced that we have a trading system that will deliver better results than any other advisory service we have decided to offer our service to all those who wish to really make money trading options.

What We Offer

    • Selecting the right stock options is just the first step in our winning system. More importantly is our system of protecting open option positions that may be in danger of becoming losers. This is the big secret in how we are able to achieve such a high level of winning trades.
    • A system where subscribers are not glued to their computers or where subscribers don’t need to run to their computers when we issue trade signals. Our signals, whether opening, closing or adjusting, are seldom time sensitive. One can chase the signaled action at a later time or do the trade using another option strike that is similar to the one that has been signaled.
    • Send out follow up signals via email to members when further action is required on each open position. These actions could be closing trades, roll-outs, adjusting trades or any other action we feel is necessary to protect an open position.
    • We list every trade we make and monitor its status all the way for both winners and losers.
    • On most transactions, we include notes to explain the reason for our action on the trade.

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